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Aveza of the Ercanhelm: Amazon

AoE Cover

Aveza Kenlin is no classic princess.
A harsh childhood leads her to join the Ercanhelm, the underground religious organization dedicated to removing her stepfather, Hagan, from the throne.
Though she hides her identity from the Ercanhelm for ten years, her missions take her closer to the palace. Rumors of her true identity spread.
If the Ercanhelm discover the truth, they will kill her.
If Hagan discovers her, living within his city, allied with the Ercanhelm, he will kill them all.
Both paths lead to death, yet Aveza cannot speak the truth, plead shelter from one or the other.
How much is she willing to give for the cause? Can the truth set her free?



WYMF Cover

When Your Melody Fades: Amazon

A minstrel girl finds relief from a troubled past in alcohol and singing, but when her hearing abandons her, she must decide between contentment in silence or taking her own life.
Maeve and her brother Ealar have journeyed through all of Éire for six months, masked as minstrel lads. Life is good…until this night.
The night when the ringing of her ears grows unbearable.
The next morning, when she learns the dreadful truth.