By the Moonlight: WANIAW Day 7

Excuse me while I go bury my emotions in a mug cake...  or something chocolate. By the Moonlight... completed.


By the Moonlight: WANIAW Day 5

Benessa faced the prince. The man sat, sheltered beneath one of the trees on the other side of the carriage, watching them struggle to free her comrade. “Perhaps if you brought your royal arse over here to help, we could free her.”

By the Moonlight: WANIAW Day 2

I swear this novella is intentionally giving my writer-self an identity crisis. Everything is different to how I usually do things. That said, I don't really mind! By the Moonlight is coming along nicely. Previous posts: By the Moonlight: Introduction By the Moonlight: Research By the Moonlight: Writing a Novella in a Week By the Moonlight: WANIAW Day 1   Since I'm... Continue Reading →

By the Moonlight: WANIAW Day 1

Awwww my poor smol babies (Benessa & Erec). Also I'm kind of dreading all the horror they're going to go through. Possibly also wanting to throw popcorn at them because DON'T DO THAT YOU'RE SCREWING UP MY PLOT AND YOUR FUTURES.

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