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Bekah was tired and made the mistake of sitting down in front of the computer before studying...


Get To Know Me Tag – Writer’s Edition!

Yep, I'm totally stealing this one from the lovely Sage Allaway! (you can check out her post by clicking on her name) Visual Stats & Appearance Name ~ Rebekah DeVall Nicknames ~ Bekah! Although I've actually gone by BaBa (what? I've had baby siblings. Many of them.), and Rebe. Hair Color & Length ~ Brown. Just ordinary, kinda-curly... Continue Reading →


April showers bring May... drizzles? Hop on over to see what I'm reading, writing, and getting frustrated about. xP

Why I Don’t Wear Pants

If you're anywhere near my age (i.e., late teens/early twenties), you've probably experienced this phenomenon. One day, you just look into the mirror and realize: I'm an adult now.

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