9 Fun Facts about “Death’s Mirror”

Ta-da! It’s finally time to talk about Death’s Mirror.


(yep, that one!)

I stole this tag from over at Tea with Tumnus, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else… just go check out her post. ❤

Pitch Death’s Mirror (With Aesthetic)

DM Aesthetic1.png

Snow White from the point-of-view of Death.

Introduce Your Main Character with a Line

Thousands of humans walk the earth to this day, unaware of what lies ahead. Some, unafraid of me, just as Snow White.Others – terrified. For every story comes to an end, and not all may live happily ever after.

Okay, I’ll admit it. Death (the character) is creepy.

If Death’s Mirror wasn’t yours, what would make you want to read it?

*tooting my own horn*

  • The premise. Death’s Mirror is very much like Book Thief, which is hands-down one of my favorite movies.
  • That pretty image up there at the top of the post. If the story was good enough to final in Rooglewood Press’s fairytale contest, then it should be good enough for me to read. *wink* *hint-hint*
  • Death’s Mirror is a risky story. Writing from the point of view of Death is already creepy enough. To then include Christian elements in the story – this is exactly the kind of story I love to read. A Christian story that takes risks and doesn’t bash the reader over the head with overt themes.

If your antagonist were your main character, how would the story open?

Since the story is from the point of view of Death, Snow White is essentially the antagonist. It would probably start like any other fairytale story.

What are you doing in Death’s Mirror that’s new for you as a writer?

  • First person, past point of view. The prose in this story is different from my others in that Death is telling the story years after it happened. It’s more of a flowing, melodious prose.
  • A supernatural main character.
  • A story involving magic.

What does your main character wish to change in their lives/world?

Death wants answers to his questions. He wants to know why some people continue to be unafraid of him. He wants to know why the Evil Queen cares so much about her beauty when she’s just going to die anyway. He wants to conquer the Master once and for all and take all the souls he pleases.

Share a Newly Written Line

Here, how about the introduction?

How do your human stories begin?

Ah, yes. Once upon a time.

Once upon a time, with nothing but His words, the Master formed a garden. Green grass sprung from the rich, dark earth. Birds sprouted into life, bursting into song. From the dust, the Master formed a Man – and after him, the Woman.

Only one rule did He give them – do not eat of the tree. But humans are volatile. Woman ate from the tree and gave to Man, and in their sin I was formed.

You humans forever seek eternal life, and always, you fail. My task is never complete. I gather your souls from dying bodies and bear them to their final resting places.

Unbound by time and space, my quest is only just begun.

You’re stranded in Death’s Mirror! Who do you go to for help?

No one. Absolutely no one. None of them are safe.

Publication Date

Death’s Mirror will be available for purchase on Amazon on July 20th (exactly one month away)!

The amazing Annie Louise Twitchell and I will be doing a joint release along with some fun marketing things together, so definitely keep an eye out on both of our social media platforms.


Interested Yet? 😉

Want to get involved with the process (or receive a free copy of the story)? Fill out the form below.



What about you? Do you enjoy creepy/risky stories?


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