The Tenth Day of Christmas: Resolutions!

I’ve been so blessed over the last year to meet some amazing people. One of them is Rachel, whom I’ve affectionately christened Ghosty, because she’s always half dead. 

Today, she’s here to talk about New Years’ Resolutions… and how to keep them. Start getting out your pens and pencils and start making plans for your own resolutions.


Hello every mortal and immortal being reading this text on the screen! I’m here to make a guest blog post about how to make a New Year’s Resolution- that you actually do…

New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone loves them. We all start out with great intentions for making ourselves better people and meeting goals- that is… until February comes along.

I love New Years, because it always feels like there’s a blank canvas set before me. Or maybe one of those scratch-off art things. Whatever you would call it, it’s a New Year. It’s a fresh start to the next bit of your life. I prefer to spend the last weeks in December and the first weeks in January soul searching and trying to guess at what the picture reveals underneath. And therefore, what the year will mean for me.

So, without further ado, we shall get right into ‘How to make New Year’s Resolutions and actually stick with them.

1. Set your goals.
This is my favorite part. This is when you get all the colors of highlighters and pens you own and sit down with your calendar and paper and make your goals. Make sure they are realistic for you! It’s awesome to have big dreams, but try to focus on what you can do in a year stress-free.

2. Break them down.
To accomplish your goal, what must be done in six months? What do you need to do weekly or monthly? Does anything need to be done daily?

3. Bind it by time!
Set dates to look back over your goals and clean up your act of studiously avoiding your own growth. (If you need me to, I can find you and slap you! Just ask Rebekah!) Next you’ll want to overlay it with your schedule. Choose which weeks, days, or months you will be working diligently on your goal. (Because you will be doing that.. Right? RIGHT!?)

4. Proclaim it to the world!
You’ve set a goal, fabulous! Now go tell your mother, your best friend, dog, and house plant. Hopefully these people will kindly keep you accountable. It’d be great if randomly throughout the next bit of time they asked you something like, “So, how’s the plans and goals coming along?” If your answer is “What goals…” They have my very unprofessional and meaningless permission to slap you for me. (After all, isn’t that what I am here for?)

5. Maintain your goal.
Every so often, look back at your goals and actually do the thing you planned to do. If necessary, revise them. If your goals were overly ambitious for your schedule, by all means, choose a happy medium! If your goal was to read twenty books, and you find it’s halfway through the year and you have only read three, by all means, change your goal. Try making your goal be twelve books! Or fifteen books!

6. Other notes.
The biggest thing is, goals are a year long commitment. They are not done after you set them. You must maintain and continue to work on your goals through the year, not just December and done.

Just remember that if you did something and learned then that is great. Some goals never get completed and that’s fine. *Laughs awkwardly*… In fact, one of my goals last year was to learn Spanish in the school year and to be able to wish my friend a happy birthday in Spanish by November! Unfortunately, I didn’t get there. I only did a few lessons. But you know what? It’s my goal for next year. This means I have an entire year to focus and learn to wish him happy birthday, rather than just a few months. (Not just happy birthday, but a nice letter or so…)

So, dear readers, both mortal and immortal, go forth. Make goals and conquer your life one step at a time.


What about you? Have you started planning your New Years’ Resolutions? Care to share?


6 thoughts on “The Tenth Day of Christmas: Resolutions!

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    1. I checked those goals and they are awesome! Sounds like you’ve got a full year ahead of you! They seem quite intense! Just remember that any of them that you get done is progress. Don’t stress if you don’t get them all exactly! I hope you can reach all your dreams and still have time to make more. Good luck to you in this fine 2018! (In which I realize that I should check this post again for comments XD)


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