Fifth Day of Christmas: Gift Ideas for Writers

Welcome to the fifth day of Christmas! Are you sick and tired of Christmas carols yet? have you peeked under the tree? Shaken presents? (What? Just because we’re all mature adults here doesn’t mean the temptation doesn’t still exist.)

Today, I have the lovely Priscilla Doran from over at She’s an amazing aspiring author that I’ve been privileged to get to know, and today she’s giving us Six Gift Ideas for Writers.



Character Smelling Candles/soaps/products. All aspiring authors are bookworms. They have to be. (However, bookworms aren’t always aspiring authors.) Anyway, if you have a friend who is either a bookworm or aspiring author, they’re sure to enjoy a candle that smells like their favorite book character. Choose one that is perfect for your bookworm friend from sites like these:, (Bookworm Candles and Crafts),, or


A bookmark of their favorite series. Inspired by the bookmarks I saw on Behind the Pages, I decided to create bookmarks of my own featuring the names of my friends’ favorite characters. The fun doesn’t end there. I chose backgrounds of watercolor to imitate water, speckled paint to imitate fire, and pastels to imitate dust—all elements representing those characters.


More books, of course. My current favorites this year are Sarah Delena White’s Halayda, the Grisha Trilogy, and, above all, The Raven Cycle. (I reviewed that series on my blog).


A special pen. Pens are central to being a writer. I can’t remember a day where my hands were unstained by ink, so if you know someone with a similar situation, make their writing more fun by giving them a unique pen.(My sister has a pen shaped like a peacock that she got at Hobby Lobby and it’s ADORABLE.)


Notebooks. Notebooks. Are. The. Best. At Staples, spiral bounds sometimes go for as low as 17 cents. Collect these at the start of fall, and then give them out to all your writer friends. Or, find a special one with decorations…I’ve never had a sparkly notebook I’ve never used up.


Three ring binders. Writing is like school, except so much more fun. When it comes to the world building process, three ring binders are a lifesaver for organizing all the different functions of a fictional world—or for keeping track of different characters, subplots, and drafts. Not every author is an organizer, but for those that are, any kind of dividers and organizational supplies are much appreciated. Don’t worry about it being plain.


Hopefully this list gives you some new ideas for what to get your writer friends. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and brainstorming fun ideas for gift giving is one of the best parts! Merry Christmas!!




PS-If you do decide to get your friend a character soap or something, be warned that they are in high demand and might not come in time for Christmas.


Stop over and check out Priscilla’s blog! Also, writers: What was your favorite Christmas gift of years past?


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