Spoiler Warning 101 – Watch Your Back Or You’ll Fall in Love With My Characters Too

Aaaah, NaNoWriMo. The time of year wherein I ignore this blog (more than I do usually). The time of year when my communication levels vary from a grunt (as my fingers still continue flying over the keyboard) or high-level rambling, like maybe talking will remove my plot problems.

This year, it’s also a time for a brand new project, one I am loving SO MUCH THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA. 

This story has everything I love to read about and watch in movies.


There’s a main character who is also a writer.

Narnia-esque portal fantasy.

A team of people come together for a mutual cause (I mean, come on. Team dynamics. Think “Leverage” or “Flashpoint”. Every person has a purpose within the team, and together they make an unstoppable whole.)

Arena battles (“Gladiator”. *squeals like a little girl at Disneyland*)

(That’s actually kinda twisted, how much I like fictional death.)

(Why am I still writing in parentheses?)


There’s a strained brotherhood.

A sarcastic Muse.

Cameos of all my family.

Cameos of my writing buddies (yup, I killed you *evil cackles*).

Combat scenes.

People with crazy yet believable skills.
And this project is… *drumroll* Spoiler Warning.

A Bolivian aspiring author is dragged kicking and screaming into her latest project by her Muse, who has some pretty clear ideas on how the story really should have ended.

The entire thing is basically a huge spoiler warning. Ana, the MC, knows the ending of her story. This isn’t a quest to return home, but rather to circumvent the plot she wrote herself and save the people she’s come to love.

I’ll let you know when I find out if she manages it or not.

On second thought, you can wait and read it in the book.

Speaking of which – if all goes well, you may be able to have this AMAZING (yes, I’m tooting my own horn) book in Kindle and paperback by, say, the end of January or beginning of February.

Because yes, I’m that insane.

Buuut, I didn’t come on here to fangirl over my own book or use this post to make my wordcount for the day (although it’s definitely going in there). I came on to introduce you to the lovely charries that are jumping around on pogo sticks inside my head screaming “WRITE MY STORY. WRITE MY STORY!”

Although, come to think of it, Morana would have a personal trampoline. Because she’s stubborn and annoying like that.

Here we go.


  • Ana Mariah. 

My MC (main character). Somehow, when I created her for last year’s NaNoWriMo, I came THIS close to smashing my two writing besties’s names together. Annie and Mariah became Ana Mariah. Go figure.

I’m stealing Gal Gadot’s facial structure, dark hair and eyes, and attaching them to a 16-year-old’s body.

(If you don’t know who Gal Gadot is… are you living under a rock? Maybe a crashed meteor? Go watch Wonder Woman. It was AMAZING, and I’m not even a huge fan of superhero movies. Besides Batman, but I digress.)

Ana’s used to responsibility. With a 10-year-old little brother and parents who both work full-time jobs, she’s had to play the role of mother more than once. But that’s not keeping her from writing the stories that come to her head. The Aztecs and Incas from her history class – there’s the setting. Roman gladiators – there’s a plot.

She started talking with Morana, her Muse, not long ago.

Of course it’s crazy, talking to a figment of her imagination.

Until that figment takes shape right in front of her.

  • Morana Muse

This woman is hands-down THE MOST ANNOYING CHARACTER I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. She has no filter. Not to mention that she’s inside Ana’s head throughout the story.

Imagine having the most annoying person you know inside your head 24/7.

That’s Morana.

  • Samuel ben Dothan

This guy’s the mastermind of an elite group of thieves. Their job isn’t to steal gold or silver like a pack of dragons. No, they steal reputations in revenge.

(“Leverage,” anyone?)

Most people call him Dothan, this man with a dark past that so few people know. (*cough* he got drunk and killed two of his brothers *cough*) (I did warn you, this whole book is titled Spoiler Warning.)

If you want an image reference, go look up Raoul Bova, the Italian actor. He’s hot.

Yeah, I may not be looking for a guy, but I got eyes.

  • Kir

Member Number 2 of the gang of thieves. He’s the muscle. Ironically, he *blushes* has my dad’s face. Which makes for a very interesting time when Ana sees the physical version of Kir walking by her house… I did tell you this takes place in Bolivia. *grins*

  • Tamar tin Jabez

Third member of this band of thieves, she’s basically here to make aure they don’t fall apart. Literally. Armed with bandages, needle, sinew, and herbal remedies, she’s the one to patch up all their wounds. Kir’s in particular. (Can you see where I’m going here? XD)

  • Atarah tin Jabez

First off, I love her name. I’ve been DYING to use an Atarah for the longest time.

She’s a lot like Kir. A bit distanced, very strong. She functions as the team spy often, passing as both man and woman, pretending to be so much that she is not. She fought an entire war as a man and, ironically, has a greater kill count than even Dothan or Kir.

She and her sister? Well, that’s another story for another time.

  • Reuven ben Dothan

He’s Samuel ben Dothan’s kid brother… and he’s not proud of it. After Samuel murdered his parents, the two of them were left on the streets. While Dothan was picked up by thieves, Reuven was raised by a soldier and his family, and is now captain of a legion… at least, until Ana gets him demoted to arena duty.

There’s something about seeing kids die in royally-approved arena matches to make a man question the system.

And when he starts to fall in love with a gladiator (*coughAnacough*), he has to choose between being the blindly righteous soldier or the renegade warrior.

  • Zerach ben Gur

We don’t see much of this guy, except to know that he’s a chronic liar and is hanged for it.

Now Ana, on the other hand, discovers some interesting things about him and his family… which I’ll let you know about once I have it sorted.

  • Sion ben Gur

Now this kid’s story is a real wreck. He’s ten years old, and already finds himself within the arenas. Why? Well, he’s murdered a man. Laced poison into his ring, actually. And he doesn’t mind talking about it.

There’s also his unabashed hero-worship that reminds Ana so much of her little brother Marcos.
Aaaaaaaaand that’s it! There’s the roundup of main characters for Spoiler Warning. 

Let me know below which of these characters sounds the most AWESOME to you (because they all are for me).

And if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, tell me about your own characters. What dark pasts do they have? And do they *gasp* have romances?


10 thoughts on “Spoiler Warning 101 – Watch Your Back Or You’ll Fall in Love With My Characters Too

Add yours

  1. I LOVE your title and this book sounds amazing!! And super like book-inception-ish with it being about writers going into their own books too. Sooo clever and awesome. I HOPE IT’S FUN TO WRITE!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh, all these charries are so yummy-sounding! Well-rounded and mysterious. I honestly don’t think I can pick which one I like the best, that’s like asking to choose a favorite child. . . (none of these charries are my children, and I don’t even have children, I know it can be argued) . . .but for some reason I really am drawn to Sion. He sounds fascinating. . . Poisoning someone isn’t easy; did he get lucky or did someone hire him to do the deed? So many questions. . . I guess I’ll get answers later!  

    Liked by 1 person

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