#NaNoWriMo Day 5, Project Updates, and Boring Stats


I hit 50k last night, or rather in the wee hours of this morning. My brain is mush.

But since NaNoWriMo Round 1 (of 4, for me) is over, I’ve sat down to evaluate the last five insane, yet madly amazing days.

Ana Mariah has gained the title of Spoiler Warning. It certainly fits, considering the main character is an author who is dragged into her book.

Let me give you a hint – it’s not pretty.

Spoiler Warning: currently sits at 25k with change, and is approximately a quarter of the way done.

Rehn, my kinda-boring series title for the King David retelling, is 12.5k with some extra. Considering this is a series, and I’m just now finishing Act 1 of Book 1… this is about a tenth of the way done.

Sea Foam screeched to a halt at 2k and change. I need to research pirate ships and sirens some more. This’ll probably be one of my December projects.

Nara and the Dragon: this little project wasn’t even supposed to be on my WIP list for November but, eh, plot bunnies don’t wait around for my pleasure. Nara is now a King Midas and the Golden Touch/Beauty and the Beast crossover. Lots of gold and dragons, and a rather different author voice than my other works. Let’s see what happens!

A Queen Shall Rise is on a temporary hold. I piddle around in there once Spoiler Warning loses my interest, hehe. Windy and I are still working in this universe and look forward to letting you all have a peek.

Since I timed myself and measured my wordcount during these last five days, I’ve discovered I write best in ten-minute sprints, and my average typing speed is 56 words per minute. (Depending the story and my brain-mush level, I’ve been anywhere between 31 and 77 wpm.)
All that said… NaNoWriMo round two is done. Tune in within the next six days for round 2 updates!

*twirls cape*

*laughs maniacally*



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