5 Fun Things to Do With Friends You’ve Never Met

I have friends in high places and in low.

Actually, they’re all in pretty high places, because I look up to every single one of them in some way or another. You all know who you are. I love you. XD

I probably should revise that. I have online friends in high places, mainly because of the fact that Christian fantasy authors are rare in Bolivia. As are… well, authors. It’s not often I meet with people of my tribe in real life.

Online friendships have their own sets of challenges. Can we just say… time zones? One of my best buddies lives over in Australia, thirteen hours ahead of me.

There’s also the fact that some of us are hard to read over words. But banter is a whole lot easier.

That said—I’ve found some fun things to do with my online buddies. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you’ve done any of the following!



Despite the fact that I’m generally camera-shy, video chats can be THE BEST. Said friend in Australia and I were able to chat face-to-face for over an hour not that long ago, and it was pretty amazing! Just beware the wild siblings in the background. 😉

Cons: The wild siblings in the background. Honestly, anything in the background.

Internet connection: If the connection is spotty or you’re running on data, you may not want to try a video chat.

Pros: Seeing a friend face-to-face—how cool is that? Some things just can’t be stated or understood as well over text as they can in real time.



This is the alternative if you’re running off data. Just have a conversation over recorded clips. It’s so much fun!

Cons: Once again, background noise.

Pros: Cheaper on the data with almost as much fun as the video chats.



If you’re not a writer, feel free to skip this section.

Writers—ever wonder what a particular character of yours would do in a certain situation?

One night, my trio (Annie, Windy, and I) got together to play out that fantasy. We took turns daring the other two to put their characters into very specific and ridiculous scenarios. Annie dared my main character to kiss a horse. Windy’s main character had to braid Loki’s hair (yes, the Avenger’s Loki). Annie’s protagonist and villain were gender-swapped due to a magical potion gone wrong.

It was ridiculous—but I believe we all learned some things about our characters!

Cons: You will snort at your computer at some point. It’s pretty much guaranteed. Laughing, snorting, giggling, and rolling eyes. Possibly even headdesking when the dare is a little too ridiculous.

Pros: Pure awesomeness.



With modern-day technology, it’s easy to set up an inter-continental movie night. We the self-same trio all found the same movie (via Netflix, DVDs, whatever), and put it on at the same time. (The movie was Birkebeinerne, in case you’re wondering and nope, I probably didn’t spell that correctly.)

Cons: You’re probably going to get spoilers, if one person cheats and skips forward. Or one person’s movie plays five seconds sooner. Groaning at the screen, texting on one screen while watching the movie with another… epic.

Pro: Plain. Downright. Epic. How awesome is that, the ability to watch a movie at the same time as people on another continent, and talk about it?



These are also fun. An entire conversation in GIFs? Cool, or what?

Even just the daily “good morning” and “how are you?” bolster the group and make everyone’s day just a little bit brighter.

(Psst, if you’ve made it this far: “This Wednesday’s World” posts are going to become a monthly or bi-monthly post, along with book reviews. You’ll be seeing a lot more of posts from me as well.)


What about you? Do you chat regularly with people online (especially people you have never met “in real life”)? What fun things have you done?



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