This Wednesday’s World: “Chonically Super” with Morgan S. Ray

Meet Morgan S. Ray, author of Chronically Super!

Tell me about the world of your books. How is it different from Earth and from other fantasy worlds, and what inspired you to write a story set there?

My world at the moment is set in the real world, but with some extra flares. My world has super powered people, but they are the first generation of supers. In this world there is an organization that is experimenting on human, illegally. But all of their methods don’t work. Until an unfortunate accident leads to massive amounts of radiation is leaked throughout the U.S. in the air and water supply. This radiation bonds to certain types of genetic defects, causing a range of different powers.

I think what makes this world different than other super worlds is a few key points. All of my supers are genetically disabled, most of them are invisible illnesses. This gives a unique reading experience to disabled people. Secondly all of my supers have base powers, basic enhanced strength, healing, speed, etc… And they all have one main power such as animal morphing, air manipulation, duplication, etc… None of the powers are generic.

My inspiration for this world comes from the fact I myself am disabled. Reading helped me when I was diagnosed. But I saw a hole in literary fiction, disabled characters are rarely the heroes in action adventure books. Also the fact that most disabled characters in literature have visable disabilities. So I figured I should write the books I want to read.

Given the chance, what part of your world would you most like to visit?

If I could I would go to my super’s base. There are so many neat creations there.

Which would you least like to visit?

I would definitely not want to go to one of the human experimentation facilities. That would be awful.

Finally, what are you working on and where can readers find you?

I am working on formatting the first book of the series Chronically Super. And I am writing the second book (it is over half done!) I will soon be self publishing through Kindle. I post updates about these books on my blog

Psst… Morgan is also preparing to release Ria Ruse on the 30th… just days away. Here’s the blurb:


When you look at 15 year old Victoria (Ria) Hellms, you see what appears to be a normal teenager, albeit a little peculiar. But appearances are often deceiving. Each day is a struggle against her own body as she fights to live with EDS a genetic chronic illness. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself endowed with abilities she has no idea how to control, or how she got them in the first place. With her best friend Zandra by her side, she sets out to find answers. But will their search lead her straight to her doom?

If this looks like your cup of tea, definitely check it out!


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