This Wednesday’s World: “Fabled” by Kara Jaynes

1. Tell me about the world of your book, Fabled. How is it different from Earth and from other fantasy worlds, and what inspired you to write a story set there?

Fabled is similar to a medieval setting in our world, but otherwise is pretty different. There are giants, witches, enchanted beasts and magic. The inspiration for Fabled stemmed from the stories I used to tell my little sister, about a dragon who lived in the woods behind our house. That was years ago-the model on Fabled is the sister I’m referring to!-but the story of the mysterious dragon and the world he lived in, stayed with me. I blended that with fairy tales, and it turned into Fabled.

2. Given the chance, what part of your world would you most like to visit?

That’s a tough one, but I honestly think I’d like to just chill in the forest. I love nature, hiking, all that fun stuff, and I think it’d be doubly exciting if I had the chance to come across some magical creatures. I think the city of Illyminatym might be a close second, and depending on my mood (and if I was running low on provisions), might be my first choice.

3. Which would you least like to visit?

Lady Ebony’s estate. She and I would *not* get along.

4. Finally, what are you working on and where can readers find you?

I’m currently working on a prequel trilogy of the Fabled Hunters series. Readers have had questions about one of my characters, Silvan, and I realized I wanted to know more about him, too. First book will be released in August 2017.

Readers can find me at

What about you? Have you read Fabled? How excited are you for this prequel?


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