This Wednesday’s World: “Betrayal and Bravery” by Julian Daventry

Tell me about the world of your books, Words of Gold, Words of Song, and Words of Peace.  How is it different from Earth and from other fantasy worlds, and what inspired you to write a story set there?

Arromëre is very similar to Earth in looks: there are lush valleys and raging rivers and the sky is blue and the grass is green.  However, fierce giant eagles (not nice ones, like in Lord of the Rings) and other fearsome creatures live in the extremely high and rocky mountains.  Gennaro lives out in the village lands, trampling crops and attacking young children (or adults, when hungry or provoked).  Horses gallop at speeds faster than birds, and people themselves have gifts of speech – able to start or end wars with a few well-placed words.

Because my story is very much plot and character oriented, I admittedly have not done much world building beyond what is important for the storyline.  I’m currently in edits, and Worldbuilding is high on the list.  So there may be more exciting details about the land and creatures after the edits are finished.  😀

Given the chance, what part of your world would you most like to visit?

Probably I would have to go with the villages along the border between Raybir and Ristor: quaint little cottages with chickens pecking along the streets, flowers planted all around the wooden fencing, and friendly people who would love to take you in and hear the news or a tale or two.  Because I’m a farmer, it would be just like home!

But I would also love to go to Surey, the Royal City of Raybir, and spend some time with the Warriors of the West Band and go to a music-making with them.  Getting to play Duren’s fiddle or sing with Wisdom or pluck the strings of Rayn’s harp would be absolutely wonderful!

Which would you least like to visit?

I’m staying well away from the mountains, where there are tales of fearsome beasts, and I would hate to go to the Rochen lands which lay beyond them – because no one ever returns.  Getting thrown into the prisons of Stryhaen would certainly mean my death.

Finally, what are you working on, and where can readers find you?

I just finished a first draft of a fantasy novel, Rauladin, for Camp NaNo, so I’m going to let that sit while I continue editing my Betrayal and Bravery trilogy.  There’s more information on my blog, where you can get some info about my trilogy, and the new novel, Rauladin.  I also have writing tips on there as well!



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