Clumsy When Exhausted: 3 New Things Happening on This Blog Now  


I managed to get a total of four hours and forty-five minutes of sleep last night. Long story, don’t ask.

Number 1: You may have noticed that beautiful banner dangling up there—yes, up, up, right there. That black thing, with some gold on it, and some stairs.

That, my dear tribesperson, is the official announcement. I’m publishing again, and this time a full novel, Aveza of the Ercanhelm. Keep your eyes open. I’ll be doing a giveaway and possibly some contests in between now and the publication date (set for October 7—yes, I’m celebrating my birthday by working. Of course.)

Number 2: You may also have noticed the little pop-up, saying “Join the Tribe”.

That’s a good thing.

Inserting your email into that little pop-up signs you into my email list. This means I can send you a monthly newsletter, filled with all that’s new on this blog, personal updates, and news on upcoming books—right to your email. I thoroughly recommend doing that. 🙂

Number 3: I’m so tired, I’ve forgotten what Number 3 was. If anyone sees it, let me know. *whistles* “Here, Number 3! Here, boy!”

Oh, I will also be doing a Facebook launch party this time around. Keep an eye—or two—out for that.


Once again, thank you for dealing with sleep-clumsy me! Until next time.






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