“A Rose By Another Name,” by Rachel Atterholt

Thus far, my “This Wednesday’s World” posts have all been of published books (with the exception of Rachel Rossano’s Living Sacrifice). I present to you now Rachel Atterholt’s A Rose By Another Name, which is an entry in Rooglewood Press’s Snow White retelling contest, in which I’m also participating. 🙂

I’m always in favor of hearing more from unpublished authors.

1. Your Snow White retelling (whose title I forgot to ask you. *gasp*) is set in the land of Albaland. What is different about Albaland compared to our normal world, and what inspired you to set a retelling there?
The working title of my Snow White retelling is “A Rose By Another Name”. The difference to our world and Albaland is probably two big things, one being that this land is very much an Arthurian Medieval setting with all that entails and second there aren’t many people left,at least near the kingdom, most having run when the queen took her reign. I have always wanted to write in a medieval setting and so have and as I created certain places in my story, it all naturally settled to one place.
2. Given the chance, what part of Albaland would you most like to visit?
I would really love to visit the dwarves home. It’s so rustic and cozy, I would love listening to them singing their german songs all through the night.
3. Which would you least like to visit?
Probably NightMoors. I really don’t think it would be a good idea for a writer like me who has imagined quiet a lot, to go to a place where your darkest imaginings come true. I would most definitely need lots of therapy after that.
4. Finally, what are you working on and where can readers find you?
Currently, besides this story, I’m working on a handful of short stories that will be published on fellowshipandfairydust.com or put in their magazine, and I am also working on the final edits of two books, one a fantasy, the other a western. You can find me on moonlightandwolfsfire.com, my blog or my social media handles.

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