What Makes You Different

I’m different– weird, even.

I was the ten-eleven-twelve year old who read Lord of the Rings, War and Peace, The Scarlet Letter and others—for fun. My greatest adventures were sneaking “adult” books off Mom and Dad’s shelves to read.

I have 300+ books on my Kindle, and am continually picking up more.

Give me a book over a friend any day, and music over conversation.

I love coffee. I love writing in the middle of the night, when the only sound is the clickety-clack of my keyboard and my roommates snoring and talking in their sleep.

I’m that girl that likes Gladiator, Dark Knight Rises, and Tron, but writes fairy tale retellings. I’m the Independent Fundamental Baptist missionary kid who writes harsh fantasy that usually ends in death. I prefer mysteries and thrillers over Christian fiction.

I listen to classical and instrumental music, in a country of rap and rock.

Swearing? Nope.

Never had sex, don’t care for a husband (if God sends me one, I’m not arguing, though). I’ve never had a crush on video or book character.

I’ll take a long skirt over pants any day and heels? I can take them or leave them. Same goes for makeup.

*gasp* You’re so weird!


What about you? What makes you different from the people around you?


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