Sneak Peak: Aveza of the Ercanhelm, Death’s Mirror, and More

Yes, Aly, I’m totally stealing this idea from you. 🙂
If you’ve followed my Facebook page or are one of my writing buddies, you know that I live up to my title of Flash Flood Writer. 

This Camp NaNoWriMo, I settled myself down with multiple WIPs (Works-In-Progress), and actually managed to complete all the ones I had planned, along with starting several more.
First: Death’s Mirror

Rooglewood Press’s writing contest this year is “Five Poisoned Apples,” a Snow White retelling, and this writer *points at self* loved the introduction to the movie The Book Thief, based off the book by Marcus Zuzak.

Guess what I got? A Snow White retelling narrated by Death.

Here’s your sneak peak:

One day, I will come for all of you. I will take you into my arms and give you the same kiss I gave Snow White, carry you on my same white horse, take you to the same beautiful castle in the sky.

That, my dear, is what I do.

I am Death.

Is that freaky cool, or is that freaky cool?
Second: Never Trust a Unicorn

Once a “novel” of only 40,000 words, with 3 povs (yeah, my writing sucked, I know), Never Trust a Unicorn is now a short story retelling of the crucifixion in which God ia a unicorn called Jireh, who gives His life to save a slave girl.

This is going to sound weird to any non-writers, but these characters took over the story all of their own accord. They decided to fall in love and… *blushes* even kiss at one point. Now that is new for my works, let me tell you.

Never Trust a Unicorn will likely never see the light of day, at least not in this reincarnation of it.
Third: Roshanara and the Dragon

Yet another “once” story. This is a Beauty and the Beast retelling with dragons, in Antarctica, which I am now working to revise. It’s… interesting, to say the least, and features my first married main character.
Fourth: Think Deep Thursdays

This isn’t exactly a story, but I’m working on putting together a “Think Deep Thirsday” column for this blog, in which we cover deep thoughts for writers, such as sex in fiction, the use of fantasy languages, and so much more.

One of these days, I’ll actually come to publish one. 🙂
Fifth: Aveza of the Ercanhelm

Last, but certainly not least, is Aveza of the Ercanhelm, the story of a girl in an undercover religious organization that must determine how much she is willing to give up for her cause.

This story has kept me on a wild ride, with Viking influence and a large portion taking place in catacombs under a medieval city. One portion involved a battering ram inside said catacombs. Fun, fun.
Authors: What are you working on?

Which of the above WIPs are you most intrigued by?


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Aveza of the Ercanhelm, Death’s Mirror, and More

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  1. What am I most interested in?! How do I chose between a Snow White retelling from Death’s POV, a cool sounding allegorical, a Beauty in the Beast retelling, and a story influenced by Vikings!? I can’t! They all sound amazing! ^_^


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