This Wednesday’s World: “Evensong” by Krista Walsh

Meet Krista Walsh. 🙂
The first book of your Meratis series, Evensong, is the story of author Jeff Powell who finds himself in interesting circumstances when he arrives in his own fictional world, Meratis. What inspired you to write a book like this (apart from the fact that this may just be every author’s dream?)?

The inspiration actually came during a monthly flash fiction contest I participated in. The prompt was “an author gets trapped in his own novel”, and I won the vote with the flash piece “Evensong”, which you can read here:

So many people enjoyed it (and I loved the characters I’d introduced so much) that I decided to take the short and stretch it into a full length plot. I swore it would be a standalone novel, but as I neared the end, more stories stretched out, resulting in the trilogy, which then extended into TWO trilogies because I couldn’t let the characters go.

Maybe it even resulted in three trilogies… That remains to be seen 😉
If you could visit Meratis, where would most like to visit and why?

Ohh, great question! I think after I finished my tour of Feldall’s Keep, I’d want to go hang out in the Fountain. A little magical oasis where the weather never changes and the water is always bath-warm? They’d have a hard time convincing me to come out.

Which part of Meratis would you least like to visit?
This one is harder to answer, because it would depend on who I was with! If I had Jasmine with me, I think I’d be okay with entering the Andvell forest and risk meeting the Sisters, but I don’t think I’d have the courage to do it on my own (those women would talk me in circles). And with Jayden around, maybe I’d risk going to Treevale Fortress just so I could potentially get a glimpse of the dragon, but that place is probably right at the bottom of my list. There’s enough to see and do without the risk of immolation.
If you were given the opportunity Jeff Powell had, to enter into any of your fictional worlds, into which book would you go, why, and what do you think would happen there?

To date, because who knows what world I’ll create in the future, I think it would be Andvell. There’s so much opportunity to explore and discover secrets and details I never dreamed about.

I like to think that if I went there, I’d be embraced by the people and invited to learn what I could in a peaceful tour of the countryside where I got to experience what their lives are like in safety and good company.

Given my luck, I suspect that everything would go wrong, I’d be transported in the middle of nowhere and have to somehow learn to fight my way out of the woods armed with sticks and stones, finally stepping out from the trees weeks later looking like some woodland creature, and then be chased out of town and have to find some way to survive until I figured out how to get home.

But maybe I’m just pessimistic 😉
Finally, what are you working on currently and where can readers find you?

I’m currently working on a supernatural suspense series called The Invisible Entente. It begins with the prequel novella ($2.99USD OR you can grab it for free by signing up for my newsletter), which is a locked-room mystery. 7 supernatural strangers find themselves in a magically sealed room, tasked with finding out which one of them murdered the man who trapped them there. The rest of the series starts eight months after the prequel, and follows each of the characters in turn. While the books are technically stand alone and can be read in any order without spoilers, they are set chronologically to build up toward the big finale, which will be released Jan 2018 (with one more set to be released Oct 2017).

Readers are loving the genre mash-up of fantasy and mystery, and the variety of characters in each of the series. You have a sorceress, a Gorgon-Fae, a succubus, a vengeance demigoddess, a teenage human archer who is deafblind, and a daemelus (angel/demon hybrid). I’ve had an amazing time working with each of them and can’t wait to release the finale to bring the whole story together!

If you want to find out more about me and my work, I am all over the interwebs and love connecting with people!


And as mentioned before, you can download a bunch of freebie short stories (including the IE prequel novella and 2 Andvell stories) when you sign up for my monthly (spam free) newsletter:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your blog! I really had a lot of fun with these questions ^.^


Keep an eye out for Krista Walsh’s books, especially Evensong (I will give a content warning for any younger readers: unlike the other books I’ve covered on here, Evensong does contain some more “adult” material. Be careful.)

Thank you so much for joining us, Krista.


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